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Jasper Johns Rocks the Broad with "something resembling truth."

Jasper Johns "False Start" (1959)

One of the remarkable things about "something resembling truth" is the breadth of Johns' work: This exhibition showcases the full range of Johns' painting skill as his fascinations evolved. It's deeply satisfying to feel as though you have strolled into the inner sanctum of his mind -- so that his observations become your observations. The more you look, the more you see. The delicacy of his drawings, his ability to paint works that are extraordinary at every scale, his use of gray as a molecular force, it's all there for the viewer. There's a small painting of numbers 0-9,

mainly in white in the room that introduces his numbers paintings that is so beautifully composed that the numbers undulate seductively on the canvas. It's impossible to describe - it's just meant to be seen.

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