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In Memoriam: Martin Lubner

Martin Lubner "Yellow, black: Self-portrait - smile" (2005) Self-portrait, mixed media on board 13" x 8 5/8"


Highly regarded Los Angeles expressionist painter and teacher Martin Lubner passed away this week.

Beloved by many as a teacher, mentor, and friend; widely admired as a "painter's painter;" I was fortunate to study with him from 2005-2014 at his studio in Venice. The studio was in an old silk factory with eclectic lighting, cast-off furniture, chaos and wonderful artists.

I, along with many other artists, revered Marty's work and revered him as a person over the many decades that he lectured in art history, painting techniques and the importance of artistic integrity.

It was through him that my artistic will to form emerged and I understood the singular path that all artistic endeavor requires - the doubt, the questioning, the too-soon certainty and the eventual reward of just doing the work.

Martin Lubner, "Yellow, black: Self-portrait - smile" (2005) Self-portrait, Mixed media on board, 13" x 8 5/8"

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